Cosmos Natural, which certifies cosmetic products and raw materials, is one of the most widely recognized certifications today.

It guarantees compliance with the main international standard for cosmetic products, the COSMOS standard, born from the collaboration between the main certification bodies and international organizations in the sector. The EDU.CARE skincare line was certified COSMOS NATURAL because their formulas are made with natural raw materials. Every product indicates the percentage of organic raw materials, which in every case is 98% or higher. The Cosmos Natural certification prohibits the use of raw materials obtained from animals or plants appearing on European and International lists of protected species. We decided to obtain the Cosmos Natural certification for our line so as to get immediate recognition of our determination to provide a product of outstanding quality made with superior raw materials and following the highest production standards. EDU.CARE and COSMOS NATURAL will be from now on your faithful ally in the care of your baby.

VEGANOK is the first and only certification for Ethical Vegan products created in Italy, whose staff is entirely vegan and strongly committed to the dissemination of this ethical choice. The in-depth knowledge of every aspect of Veganism and of everything concerning respect for the life of all living beings has been a key feature of our work for almost twenty years. VEGANOK is the most widespread ethical standard in the world, with over 1000 certified companies and services and tens of thousands of certified products both in Italy and abroad.  It participates in the most important and influential trade fair in the natural sector and guarantees the absence of parts of animal origin in every kind of product.